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Water Pipe Replacement Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, London

Wentworth Moling Services provide water pipe replacement in the Hampshire and surrounding area using a moling technique that bores a hole for your replacement mains water pipe without having to dig full trenches.

The Wentworth Moling Services moling equipment can bore holes up to 63mm for 25m resulting in far less digging, damage or nuisance

If you are in Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, south London or the South of England and would like to improve your water supply by replacing or upgrading your mains water pipes contact Wentworth Moling Services on 01252 235367

Wentworth the Hampshire water pipe replacement specialists for upgrading water pipes, replacing water pipes, installing new water pipes, supplying new water mains and impact moling throughout the South East of England.

Impact moling can cut the cost of mains water replacement as trenchless water pipe replacement is far less work and takes far less time – Water main installs using moling – Water main replacement using Moling in Hampshire

Water Pipe Replacement Hampshire

Approved Water Main Replacement Contractors Hampshire

Wentworth Moling Services are water specialists and are fully qualified and accredited by WIAPS and TAPS 5. This basically means we can sign off your new water supply without inspection by the water board for most water companies especially Thames Water (TAPS 5) , South east water and Affinity Water (WIAPS).

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