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Twickenham Water Pipe Replacement and Water Mains Upgrades

Wentworth Moling Services provide lead water pipe replacement in Twickenham and surrounding areas.

Services Provided by Wentworth Moling Services ~ Twickenham Water Pipe Contractors

Twickenham Lead Water Pipe Replacement

Wentworth Moling Services are Specialists in the non-intrusive replacement of lead water pipe replacement to modern MDPE pipes We use the latest state-of-the-art moling technology to replace lead water pipes or old iron pipes for new MDPE (Medium-density polyethylene) pipework. if you are in Twickenham or close proximity Wentworth Moling Services are the boys to call.

Twickenham Water Mains Upgrades

By replacing your old water pipes you are increasing the flow of water into your property which will keep pressure throughout your property when you’re washing up, running a bath and the washing machine is in full flow! If you are in Twickenham or close proximity Wentworth Moling Services are the boys to call.

Twickenham Water Pipe Supplies

We are water specialists and are fully qualified and accredited by WIAPS and TAPS 5. This basically means we can sign off your new water supply without inspection by the water board for most water companies especially Thames Water (TAPS 5) , South east water and Affinity Water (WIAPS).

Twickenham Water Pipe Replacement

Although we are well known as impact moling water supply specialists and do a great deal of domestic water supply pipe replacement, throughout SE England, (many older iron and lead water supply pipes are now in desperate need of replacement), Our ability to install services with no surface disruption other than at entry and exit pits is a major advantage over open cut excavation methods, eliminating the time and cost of surface reinstatement and inconvenience to the general public and traffic.

Twickenham Moling Contractors

Moling contractors servicing Twickenham and surrounding areas - Specialist in impact moling and trenchless water pipe installations

Twickenham Water Supply Contractors

If you are looking for a water supply contractor to install a new water supply or upgrade your existing supply in Twickenham Call Wentworth Moling Services

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