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Upgrading Water Supply Pipe and Improving Water Pressure Upgrading Water Mains

If you have a leak on a water pipe in your grounds or are just experiencing low water pressure it is your responsibility if you want to repair, replace or upgrade your existing water supply.

Quite often it is simpler to install new water pipe from your home to the boundary rather than trying to locate and repair a leak. Plus you then have the option to upgrade to a new 25mm or 32mm pipe which should help with any low water pressure issues you are experiencing.

The thought of having to dig up their garden or driveway often deters people from rectifying low water pressure issues, as most people aren’t aware that Moling provides a trenchless system of upgrading a water main.

Did You Know You Can Upgrade Your Water Main Without Having To Dig Trenches?

With Moling we often just need one small entry hole on the boundary, one small hole where the new water main enters your property and a mole is used to install the water main under your garden, lawn, driveway, etc.

Moling to upgrade water main
Moling to upgrade water main
Moling to upgrade water main

Moling to Upgrade Water Main

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Upgrading water supply pipe using moling

Moling is a very specialist job which requires extensive knowledge and skill to ensure the mole stays exactly on point.

Wentworth Moling Services are fully insured with a level of 2 million pounds public which ensures that we can undertake every job that we quote.

We liaise with all the major water companies to ensure your water main upgrade is a flawless process and leave the job in a nice tidy condition with some people not even realising the job has even been done.

Upgrading Water Supply Pipe

Low water pressure problems

Wentworth Moling Services are specialists in non-intrusive replacement of lead water pipe replacement to modern MDPE pipes.

If your house is built before 1970 and you are suffering from low water pressure or the pressure drops when you have a number of taps running then we can help.

We have found that most iron or copper pipes are too small nowadays for modern living.

By replacing your old water pipes, you are increasing the flow of water into your property which will keep pressure throughout your property when you’re washing up, running a bath and the washing machine is in full flow!

We use the latest state-of-the-art moling technology to replace old iron pipes with new MDPE (Medium-density polyethylene) pipework.

Lead Pipes corrode after time, as do most metals, which makes the newer MDPE pipes more suitable for the purpose of modern day living.

We utilise moling technology to create a trenchless path for your new upgraded water supply. The technique means that we mole underground from one small hole to the property where we dig another small hole, and back fill both holes afterwards leaving without a trace and minimal disruption.

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