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Trenchless Utilities Installers Utilities Installation Specialists Using Trenchless Directional Drilling

On Target Drilling are South East based Trenchless Utilities Installation specialist who use drilling equipment to install utilities such as water pipes, electric cables, telecoms cable, fibre broadband, ducting, etc. without the need to dig trenches and disrupt the groundwork or finished landscaping project.

Utilities Installation Specialists Using Trenchless Directional Drilling

Installing Utilities Under Roads

Installing Utilities Under Car Parks

Installing Utilities Under Playing Fields

Installing Utilities Under Rivers

Installing Water Pipes Without Trenches

Installing Electric Cable Without Trenches

Installing Underground Phone Lines Without Trenches

Installing Fibre Broadband Without Trenches

Installing Utilities Without Trenches

Installing Ducting Without Trenches

Trenchless Installation of Utilities and Water Pipes

On Target Drilling specializes in installing utilities using horizontal directional drilling, which minimizes the need for trenches and excavation.

This method allows for boring longer distances under various terrains, such as tracks, driveways, roads, and buildings, without causing significant disruption.

The drilling can be steered with high accuracy to a target destination within a -/+20mm range, even for bores exceeding 200m1.
Services Offered: The company provides a range of trenchless installation services, including for water pipes, electric cables, phone lines, fibre broadband, and ducting.

This approach is beneficial for installing utilities in a way that preserves the integrity of the landscape and reduces the impact on the environment.

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