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Moling to Replace Burst Water Main

You often see an increase in burst water mains during hot periods

The ground moves, joints start leaking, damaged pipes are exposed, etc.

Sometimes a simple repair is adequate but often you are just prolonging the problem which can lead to more expense.

It can sometimes cost as much to detect the leak and then dig up your garden to repair the pipe.

As you are responsible for the water pipe from the boundary to the internal stopcock it often works out replacing the whole length of pipe once problems start occurring.

This is where impact moling to replace bust water pipes comes in

Wentworth Moling can replace your complete water main with little mess and very little trenchwork

A small hole at your boundary, another where your water pipe enters your property and the mole does the rest

After moling, new pipes are installed, groundwork made good, tidied up as though no one has been there in less than a day.

Moling to replace burst water pipe

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