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Moling Machine Hire – Don’t Do It!

If you are thinking of replacing your water supply, updating old water pipes that supply your property or even installing a new mains water supply your may have heard about water pipe moling or even seen some videos on YouTube demonstrating water pipe moling.

If so, you may even have thought, that looks simple, why not just go and hire a moling machine and have a go at doing it myself – If that’s you please think again.

According to some of the pipe moling videos we’ve seen online it looks like you just line the machine up, start it up and just sit back and wait until the drill head has reached the destination.

After 20 years in the industry Wentworth Moling Services can assure you it’s not quite as simple as that.

For a start, you have to ensure your entry and exit holes are the right dimensions to get the moling machine set up right, you have to survey the ground checking for other utilities, you have to asses the ground to know how much power to put through the machine, you need to track the drill head to ensure it’s going in the right direction and most importantly you need a good insurance policy just in case something does go wrong.

All Wentworth staff are EUSR registered, hold up to date National Water Hygiene cards and are committed to excellence each and every job.

Don’t be that guy who thinks moling is a doddle, hires a machine, then proceeds to bore straight through a 4 inch sewer pipe which he had forgotten all about

Not only will Wentworth Moling Services ensure your moling is done the right way, will install the correct water pipe, because we are fully qualified and accredited by WIAPS and TAPS 5. we can sign off your new water supply without inspection by the water board for most water companies especially Thames Water (TAPS 5) , South east water and Affinity Water (WIAPS).

Crucially we also hold full public liability insurance giving you piece of mind – Contact Wentworth Moling Service – your local South East moling specialists.

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