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Fibre Broadband Moling ~ Trenchless Fibre Broadband Installation using Impact Moling

Impact moling isn’t just for water pipes Wentworth Moling Services also provide impact moling for electric cables, fibre broadband and phone lines

Our moling equipment is capable of boring holes up to 63mm which is ideal for fibre broadband ducting

You may have seen a number of Fibre Broadband suppliers digging up the pavements near you and installing ducting and service boxes for Full Fibre Broadband

Have you ever wondered though how the fibre optic cables get from the ducts they are installing to your actual house?

If you have a nice front garden, driveway or similar that you don’t particularly want messed up by having to have a trench dug from the pavement to your home, it may be worth considering getting a moling company like Wentworth Moling Services

Wentworth specialise in trenchless moling and offer the perfect solution for providing fibre broadband from the highway to your property without having to dig trenches.

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Trenchless Fibre Broadband installation

How do they get fibre broadband from the street to your house, fibre broadband from highway to property, do they have to dig up front driveway to install fibre broadband, trenches from house to pavement for full fibre broadband?

Who pays for final connection from street to house for fibre broadband, is it best to instal a duct from front of house to the dtreet for full fibre broadband?

Will they install fibre broadband cables in existing ducts or pipes I have put in?

If you have any questions about installing fibre broadband from the street to your house call Wentworth Moling Services.

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