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Moling For a Water Connection in Southwest London

The Wentworth Moling Services team arrived on site at 8 am in Southwest London.

Before setting up ready to excavate the holes the team mapped out where the current utilities i.e. gas water electric and fibre optics were entering the property from the main road.

The team used knowledge and a cat and genny to locate the services and then proceeded to map out where the drainage was going.

Once they had completed all of these checks and procedures they then began to excavate the holes needed to mole the pipe through.

All entry and exit pits were dug to a minimum 750mm but 2 holes were actually dug to 1 metre due to the drainage being at a depth of 700mm

The Pipe was brought out to the property Boundary capped off and internally ducted liked and capped with a stop tap on the end ready for the new connection.

The team then proceeded to backfill all excavations and then they were reinstated to a high standard as seen in the photos.
Moling in Southwest London
Southwest London Impact moling for new water supply
Moling to install water supply

Another happy Wentworth Moling customer

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