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Installing Water Pipe Under Driveway or Road with Moling

A lot of people with nice driveways don’t want trenches dug through them when installing a new water pipe, cable, fibre broadband, ducting, etc.

This is where moling under a driveway is particularly popular

moling under a driveway for water pipe drive

Moling Under a Road or Drive

When moling under a drive or road a small hole is required on either side and a mole is used to bore a hole under the road which is then used to pull a mew water pipe, cable or duct through.

The holes are reinstated, everything is cleared up and left tidy and nobody would know the pipe had been installed

If you have a driveway or road that needs utilities passing underneath contact Wentworth Moling Services and ask about our trenchless water pipe installation service.

Installing water pipes under driveways, trenchless water pipe installation under roads, dig under roads to install services

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