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How to Increase Mains Water Pressure

You might have seen various claims about boosting you water mains pressure but in our opinion your best option may be to upgrade your existing water supply.

This is especially true if you property is pre 70’s and potentially has a lead water supply.

Replacing old water supplies isn’t as drastic as it sounds, the days of having to get diggers in and digging trenches all the way from your house stopcock to the stopcock in the street are well and truly over,

Todays water pipe moling equipment saves an awful lot of hard work, time, mess and costs.

Old 1/2 inch lead piping can easily be upgraded to 25mm or even 32mm MDPE water pipe which can noticeably increase your water pressure.

The beauty of pipe moling to increase water pressure is how unobtrusive it is

A small hole near the boundary, a small hole where your new water pipe enters your property both simply made good at the end of the job.

If you are in the South East and have lower water pressure that you would like to increase contact Wentworth Moling Services and ask us about upgrading your water supply pipe


After the new pipe has been installed your water pressure should be greatly improved and all making good is done as though we were never there.

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