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Moling Costs in the Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, West London & The South East Area

You may be surprised when you hear how much impact moling costs

When you use the right moling contractor using the right type of moling equipment for the job. moling can often work out far cheaper than having to excavate trenches. To find out more about the cost of impact moling or to request a quote for moling please contact us

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Cost Of Moling ~ Impact Moling Cost per Metre in South East Area ~ Moling Water Pipe:  

The cost of Moling varies and is dependent on several different factors. One of the main factors is the type of ground that you have, the different types of ground are usually clay, gravel, sand and silt(we generally know this by area). Some factors also include the amount of trees in the area that is being moled as they generally drain all the water from the ground making even the softest ground like concrete. We have to create entry and exit holes for the mole roughly every 10 meters and depending on the ground i.e grass doesn’t have a cost for reinstatement but concrete would have an additional material cost.

At Wentworth Moling Services we offer all aspects of Moling Services and tailor every price per job. In our industry it is known  To help people get an understanding of how much Moling costs we have created below an example correct as of September 2018. This is for Water, gas and electric service relay and upto 32mm in diameter. For ducting or 38mm – 63mm Moling please call or complete an inquiry for an accurate quote.

How Much Does Moling Cost?

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Wentworth Moling Services are based in Aldershot and provide impact moling services for installing water pipes, electric cables, fibre optics, phone lines, etc. within a 40 mile radius of Aldershot including the following;

Addlestone : Ascot : Bracknell : Chertsey : Egham : Guildford : Reading : Twickenham : Weybridge : Woking : Wokingham

Berkshire : Hampshire : London : South London : South West London : West London : Middlesex : Surrey

Google Reviews of Wentworth Moling Services ~ South East Moling Contractors

Andy Robertson
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Dave and his team have undertaken three sets of work within the Ashley Park Private Estate. They moled under drives to insert conduit for BT and under the road to install a conduit for three phase electricity. The tidy up was excellent. We expect that other neighbours will be using them again. Andy Robertson Chairman APRA Ltd
Peter Kneller
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Great experience working with these guys. Dave was very thorough in the quote, going through what needed to be done and how they'd go about it. Keith and Lee came in, did the job and put everything back the way they found it surprisingly quickly and I wouldn't know they'd been at all except that we now have water again.
jonathan wein
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Dave and his team were excellent! From the moment i contacted him to after the job was finished i felt totally looked after. Dave was a pleasure to deal with and knows his stuff. I took the gamble from reading his other reviews and couldn't be more pleased. I wish Wentworth moling all best.
Julia Kipling
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It was a pleasure dealing with Dave and his team, Keith, Lee and Gary. They were prompt, courteous, knowledgeable and very competitively priced. They kept me informed at all steps of the process and found solutions to any hurdles that were encountered during what was a fairly difficult job. The results of their efforts have been fantastic and we now have great water pressure plus additional stand pipes in our garden.
Rita Vadgama
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I used Wentworth Moling Services for a new connection. It was a great pleasure dealing with Dave. Keith and Lee were fantastic! Really pleased with the professional service! Definitely recommend Wentworth Moling Services.
David Wright
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Second time I’ve used Wentworth Moling, very prompt and efficient service.
Rita Vadgama
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I used Wentworth Moling Services for a new connection. It was a great pleasure dealing with Dave. Keith and Lee were fantastic! Really pleased with the professional service! Definitely recommend Wentworth Moling Services.
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This Company is as professional as you can get ,from the first phone call to Dave till Keith and Lee come round on time, New water pipe whent in to replace the old rusty one .minimal disruption considering I had pressed concrete drive . Job done 5⭐️
Luisa Asirvatham
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We highly recommend this company! We need not have worried as Dave, Keith and Paul carried out the replacement of the ancient leaking water mains most efficiently and professionally. Not only had the leakage been solved but the water flow has increased.
Rebecca Whittingham
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Fantastic job by Wentworth moling services. We now have excellent water pressure. Very efficient and professional service with minimal disruption. Would absolutely recommend.

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Wentworth Moling Services offer all types of Moling domestic and commercial



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Moling Contractors Providing Impact Moling Throughout The South East

Wentworth Moling Services provide competitive price moling services throughout the South East of England – The Moling Experts you can trust Find us in the Moling Contractors Directory  

Moling FAQs UK

We are often asked questions about moling services – Below are some of those frequently asked questions

What is Water Pipe Moling?

Water pipe moling is a trenchless method of installing water pipes by moling under the ground from bore hole to bore hole.

How Far can Moling Equipment Bore Between Holes?

It depends on the ground but on average bore holes are dug every 10 metres and the moling equipment bores between the two.

What is Impact Moling?

Impact Moling is when a comressor powers the mole which produces a hammering action of the mole head.

How much does Moling Cost?

A lot depends on the type of ground, what is being moled under and the finish required afterwards.

How Does a Trenchless Mole Work?

A compresor is used to power the head of the mole which creates a hammering action that disperses the soil.

What Size Hole Can Standard Moling Equipment Produce?

Our Standard moling equipment can bore holes up to 63mm.
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