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Moling to Replace Burst Water Main

Moling to Replace Burst Water Main You often see an increase in burst water mains during hot periods The ground moves, joints start leaking, damaged pipes are exposed, etc. Sometimes a simple repair is adequate but often you are just prolonging the problem which can lead to more expense. It can sometimes cost as much […]

Water Supply Contractors Areas Covered

Water Supply Contractors Areas Covered Wentworth Moling Services are located in Aldershot and provide lead water pipe replacement, new mains water supply installation or water pipe upgrades in the following areas; Addlestone Water Supply Contractors : Ascot Water Supply Contractors : Bracknell Water Supply Contractors : Chertsey Water Supply Contractors : Egham Water Supply Contractors […]

Cost of Replacing Lead Water Pipes

Cost of Replacing Lead Water Pipes You may be pleasantly surprised when you find out how much replacing lead water pipe costs in the Surrey, Hants, West Sussex area. The price for replacing lead water mains with MDPE pipework can be drastically cut when using the right equipment or the right people. Wentworth Moling Services […]

Moling to Upgrade Water Main in Frimley Surrey

Moling to Upgrade Water Main in Frimley Surrey Another nice little moling job to replace a corroded water main in Frimley by the boys today Relay complete in Frimley to replace old corroded iron pipe to 25mm blue MDPE with new internal stop cock. Ducted and lagged and capped entering the property The photos show […]

Lead Water Pipe Replacement West London

Lead Water Pipe Replacement West London Acton There’s a reason the Wentworth Moling Services moling services are so popular and these photos demonstrate it well. Imagine having to dig up this driveway to replace a lead water pipe with a new MDPE water main – The boys simple dug a small hole at each end […]

Moling For a Water Connection in Southwest London

Moling For a Water Connection in Southwest London The Wentworth Moling Services team arrived on site at 8 am in Southwest London. Before setting up ready to excavate the holes the team mapped out where the current utilities i.e. gas water electric and fibre optics were entering the property from the main road. The team […]

Areas Wentworth Moling Services Provide Moling to

Areas Wentworth Moling Services Provide Moling to Wentworth Moling Services are based in Aldershot and provide impact moling services for installing water pipes, electric cables, fibre optics, phone lines, etc. within a 40 mile radius of Aldershot including the following; Addlestone Moling Contractors : Aldershot Moling Contractors : Ascot Moling Contractors : Bracknell Moling Contractors […]

Electric Cable Moling How to get Electricity supply to a Garden Office Without Digging up the Garden

Electric Cable Moling Surrey Hampshire West London ~ How to get Electricity supply to a Garden Office Without Digging up the Garden You may be thinking of having a home office in your garden now that you are used to working from home, have an ideal location for it at the bottom of the garden […]

Impact Moling Surrey Hampshire & South East

Impact Moling Surrey Hampshire London & The South East Moling Contractors | Wentworth Moling Services Impact Moling is a very specialist job which requires extensive knowledge and skill to ensure the mole stays exactly on point. We are fully insured with a level of 2 million pounds public which ensures that we can undertake every […]

Lead Water Pipe Replacement Grant

Lead Water Pipe Replacement Grant Obtaining a grant for lead water pipe replacement in the Thames Water area isn’t always that simple. A lot depends on the tests and quality of your existing mains water supply Don’t miss out though – Contact Wentworth Moling Services and we can help with you water pipe replacement grant […]

Thames Water Lead Pipe Replacement in London

Thames Water Lead Water Pipe Replacement in London This looked a tricky one initially but the Wentworth Moling Services boys did a great job of replacing an old lead water main again as usual 🙂 We are often asked what happens once you get the new water pipe to the boundary The below photo is […]

Water Pipe Replacement Hampshire

Water Pipe Replacement Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, London Wentworth Moling Services provide water pipe replacement in the Hampshire and surrounding area using a moling technique that bores a hole for your replacement mains water pipe without having to dig full trenches. The Wentworth Moling Services moling equipment can bore holes up to 63mm for 25m resulting […]

Leak Detection Company Hampshire

Wentworth Moling Services not only provide water pipe moling throughout Hampshire we also provide leak detection services Hampshire and surrounding areas and also provide water leak repairs. Based in the Rushmoor district of Hampshire Wentworth are ideally located to provide leak detection services in Aldershot, Guildford, Basingstoke, Reading, Bracknell, Slough, South London, Epsom and the […]

Hampshire Moling Contractor & Leak Detection Specialists

Wentworth Moling Services are ideally located for providing Water Pipe Moling, Leak detection, water pipe repairs, water pipe replacement, etc. throughout Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex, Berkshire and South London. Our head office is in Aldershot and we operate in Salisbury. Southampton, Portsmouth, Worthing, Brighton, Crawley, Winchester, Basingstoke, Reading, Slough, Croydon, South London and all nearby […]

What’s the Best Way of Improving Water Pressure?

Get a bigger water pipe! Not really a lot to add 🙂 Now that we have proved our expertise on water mains pressure improving, why not ask about our expertise in water pipe moling We have 20 years of experience in installing or upgrading water pipes, we operate throughout the South of England, can bore […]

How to Increase Mains Water Pressure

You might have seen various claims about boosting you water mains pressure but in our opinion your best option may be to upgrade your existing water supply. This is especially true if you property is pre 70’s and potentially has a lead water supply. Replacing old water supplies isn’t as drastic as it sounds, the […]

Moling Machine Hire – Don’t Do It!

If you are thinking of replacing your water supply, updating old water pipes that supply your property or even installing a new mains water supply your may have heard about water pipe moling or even seen some videos on YouTube demonstrating water pipe moling. If so, you may even have thought, that looks simple, why […]

How Much Does Water Pipe Moling Cost

To be honest that is a bit like asking “How long is a piece of waterpipe” – Did you see what I did there 😉 To be honest though, no two jobs are the same – The cost of moling often depends on the type of ground, the proximity of trees, how many holes have […]

Can Moling Equipment be used for 32mm Water Pipe

Can Moling Equipment be used for 32mm Water Pipe 32mm water pipes are becoming the norm in many areas and the increase in water pressure when replacing old 15mm lead water pipes with 32mm MDPE can be amazing. We are frequently asked if the Wentworth Moling Services moling equipment can be used for 32mm mains […]

Advantages of Using Specialist Water Pipe Moling Contractors

It’s sods law that you spring a leak in a water main just after you’ve had a new drive laid, had you garden landscaped, had a new patio put down, etc. The last thing you want is a digger onsite digging up trenches and messing up all the lovely work you have previously had done. […]

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