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Cost Of Moling:  

The cost of Moling varies and is dependent on several different factors. One of the main factors is the type of ground that you have, the different types of ground are usually clay, gravel, sand and silt(we generally know this by area). Some factors also include the amount of trees in the area that is being moled as they generally drain all the water from the ground making even the softest ground like concrete. We have to create entry and exit holes for the mole roughly every 10 meters and depending on the ground i.e grass doesn’t have a cost for reinstatement but concrete would have an additional material cost.

At Wentworth Moling Services we offer all aspects of Moling Services and tailor every price per job. In our industry it is known  To help people get an understanding of how much Moling costs we have created below an example correct as of September 2018. This is for Water, gas and electric service relay and upto 32mm in diameter. For ducting or 38mm – 63mm Moling please call or complete an inquiry for an accurate quote. 

Semi Detached house in Weybridge under 30 meters from property boundary to internal stop tap with the internal stop tap in kitchen. The ground is all grass outside so we will open and reinstate afterwards at least 4 external holes. We are supplying 25mm MDPE water pipe and a new internal stop tap making all the connections for a new Relay of water services. This would cost £950.00 and completely signed off for the water board under the WIAPS scheme of approved external plumbers. (We are accredited by Affinity Water, South East Water and Thames Water so we can sign off all local water companies without inspection unless being audited). 

This is a very rough guide and is designed to give you an idea of our prices. We don’t over complicate the process and we do try and survey every job 99% to check for hidden problems. This gives you and us an exact quote so it is fixed before work commences. 


What Our customers Say:

Rita Vadgama
Rita Vadgama
19:30 04 Dec 18
I used Wentworth Moling Services for a new connection. It was a great pleasure dealing with Dave. Keith and Lee were fantastic! Really pleased with the professional service! Definitely recommend Wentworth Moling Services.
jonathan wein
jonathan wein
10:19 30 Nov 18
Dave and his team were excellent! From the moment i contacted him to after the job was finished i felt totally looked after. Dave was a pleasure to deal with and knows his stuff. I took the gamble from reading his other reviews and couldn't be more pleased. I wish Wentworth moling all best.
Cathy Burrows
Cathy Burrows
13:37 23 Nov 18
Fixed a water leak very quickly I highly recommend them
Jonathon Hedges
Jonathon Hedges
13:39 21 Nov 18
Recently had an extension and needed larger water pipes to accommodate new boiler. Very reasonably priced and extremely professional if the pressure wasn't increased quite alot i would add i would have questioned they had even been. Very pleased
George Ashley
George Ashley
10:31 15 Nov 18
Dave and Keith were outstanding! True professionals, not only did they stop the leak by replacing the pipe, I've now got the best water pressure I've had. Thanks again for the prompt service and a very reasonable price, I can't notice that you've actually been, well done!
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